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Beautiful Hand Blown Art Glass Decors for your Home & Garden.

Artisan carvings & woodcrafts, inspired by Indian architecture.

Botanical artist, creating cards, strickers, notecards and magnets.

Superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men.

Wind chimes tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world.

High Quality Pet Food Made in Eden WIsconsin

Produce 100% paraffin-free soy & beeswax candles. Made in the USA. Located in Osage, Iowa.


Plant Nanny stakes release water slowly beneath the soil surface near the plant’s root system. Recycle your bottles and make watering easier.

Some of our top selling PLANT & GARDEN CARE brands

Some of our Top Selling Brands:

Captain Jack’s: Deadbug Brew is organic pest control

Coast of Maine: Organic Soil Amendments, Mulch, and More

Droll Yankees: Bird Feeders

Fox Farm: Potting Soil Mixes, Fertilizers, and Liquid Plant Foods

Garden Safe: Organic Soil Amendments, Mulch, and More

Jobes: Plant Fertilizer Spikes

Miracle Gro: Plant Fertilizer

Neptune’s Harvest: Organic Plant Fertilizer 

Ortho: Home and Garden Pest Control

Preen: Weed Preventer

Pro-Mix: Home & Garden Potting Soils, Specialty Potting Soils, Grass Seed

Raid – Insect Control

Roundup – Weed Control

Scotts – Lawn Food, Grass Seed, Weed Control, and  Insect & Disease Control 

Changing Inventory

Please note that our inventory is continually changing, especially with our gifts and artists.

We do change our stock according to the season and also what is new and trendy in the industry and decor. 

Your best bet always is to stop on by the stores, to see what we have in available.

Expert Advice

We have you covered in any area of Gardening and Plants with expert advice on almost every situation. Fertilizers and protecting your plants inside and out, from critters, funguses and disease of all kinds, our expert have years of experience.