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As we all know, winter is coming and if you are planning on snuggling up to a fire, then you better have your materials ready. You’ll need to make sure that your wood stove is cleaned out and also make sure that you have plenty of wood for burning.

Well, I’ve got all of the information you need to make these decisions and stock your wood sheds.
Different places means different kinds of trees, so it’s important to know which types are better suited for firewood than others. Some may work great as kindling but burn too quickly to keep the fire going. Some may burn forever but are nearly impossible to get going without supplemental wood.
Well, hardwood is a more dense wood and can be more expensive too, if you are purchasing your firewood. Yet, it burns hotter and longer than softwood.
However, softwood is usually easy to get a fire started. Though, it isn’t the best for heating your home for long periods of time as it burns up pretty quickly in comparison to hardwood.
Here are some common types :


Birchwood is a softwood. This means that it will ignite faster and can be burned pretty easily as greenwood. It will also burn up quickly which means you’ll need to attend your fire more regularly and need more firewood to keep your home heated.


If you have cherry wood, then you are doing great. This type of wood does need to be seasoned really well for its optimal performance. But once you get past the seasoning process, you’ll be happy to know that it not only burns slow, but it also puts off a great aroma.


Oak trees are another very common tree in a lot of areas. Though this tree may be readily available to a lot of people, it still needs some care when being burned. So you’ll need to make sure that it is really well seasoned before burning. Otherwise, it won’t burn as slow and steady as most prefer.


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